DD201 – Timascus CP2

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For the traditionalist seeking a truly timeless design. A 3-tiered profile that gradually softens as the eye moves away from the ball. Muscular shoulders raise MOI and assist with off-centre strikes, while the cambered, three-section sole promotes consistent alignment over every putt. Mid toe hang to accommodate some stroke arc.

Stainless Steel body, featuring Timascus cavity plate for enhanced feel. Each Timascus piece carries a unique fingerprint from its hours of forging and hundreds of layers of Titanium steel. Timascus also provides CG benefits, weighing 40% less than steel.

Neck: Standard Plumbers neck
Finish: Marine Satin with torched Timascus Cavity Plate
Head weight: 360g
Loft: 3*
Lie: 70* (both loft and lie are adjustable +/- 2* upon request)

All Damascus/Exotic Series putters include a leather headcover.