The Lajosi Philosophy

Just as it was when the first Lajosi’s were made, our primary goal is to give golfers the confidence they need over the ball to hole more putts. Here, the customising capablilities of Lajosi present golfers with a truly personal experience; every detail of every putter model is customisable for each user.

Whilst there are many important factors to consider when fitting a putter, our experiences suggest that finding the optimal alignment structure and toe flow for your stroke aids you the most on course. This is the most relevant when considering head shape, neck structure and alignment preference, but other important factors such as length, lie and weight should never be ignored. Importantly, your eye dominance and miss tendency should also be readily considered.

As with all of your gold clubs, a professional fitting from a qualified putter fitter is recommended if you are unable to visit the Lajosi Fitting Centre or one of our partners.

The Lajosi Experience

Offered as a personal and comprehensive fitting experience, a visit to the Lajosi Fitting Centre provides each and every golfer with a detailed and results-driven putting solution. Golfers are treated to the wealth of customisable options offered by Lajosi, with expert advice provided to tailor a specific solution to you.

Also available at select on-course or retail outlets, the lajosi fitting experience is virtually unparalleled in providing a bespoke and tailored solution to every golfer.

To enquire about a visit to the Lajosi Fitting Centre or our fitting experience please contact us.

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