A toolmaker by trade, Kari began work in the family engineering business while still at school. Learning the ropes of metalworking and tooling on what now seem like relics; Kari honed his craft and developed a real passion for creating instruments of both function and beauty.

As an avid golfer, Kari Lajosi always had an interest in putters. In 2000, this interest manifested itself into the makings of an obsession. The first ones were, by his own admission, pretty basic, but it wasn’t long before Kari was being asked by his weekly playing partners or friends for a putter of their own.


“My aim is to make putters which inspire confidence in their
user through their looks and feel.”

Lajosi Parts

Spurred on by this demand, and an innate enjoyment for the task, Kari continued down the puttermaking journey, though never far beyond his inner circle.

Over time, an organic global presence developed, and before long Lajosi’s were being shipped all over the world. But the bespoke and custom nature of those first few putters remained; the sole of Lajosi was in the unique experience it provided golfers in tailoring their new flat stick specifically to them.

“I just love making putters, being a part of the process that helps golfers enjoy the game more. If I could choose any job in the world I’d choose this one, and I like to think that shows in our work”

It was largely word of mouth that drove Lajosi to become what it is today, rather than any mass marketing. And we pride ourselves on this; that the performance of our putters is the centrepiece.

Kari still completes most of the putter making process himself, though these days a little more help is required to keep up with the growing Lajosi community.

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The Lajosi Team